About Hato Agriculture Lighting

Improving life through brightness

Since 1974, we have been working on the best lighting solutions for the agricultural sector.

We believe that an optimal light climate forms the basis for responsible and profitable livestock farming. Our knowledge of the sector and our genuine involvement with our customers form the basis for a durable cooperation and underline our role as a market leader.

That’s how we continuously improve the well-being of farmer and animal through our knowledge and lighting.

Poultry lighting

Our decades of experience, combined with our extensive amounts of research have convinced us of the fact that the lighting equipment is an essential part of the overall equipment in a poultry house.

Correct lighting improves both poultry and farmer well-being in multiple ways.

Poultry well-being

Poultry perceive light differently than human beings. When lighting looks just fine for human beings, it can be far from that for poultry. This means that the light climate should be adapted accordingly. A light climate that fulfils the needs of poultry improves poultry sight. By improving poultry sight, welfare and eventually performances can be improved. Lighting is also able to directly improve poultry welfare and performances in multiple ways.

 Cattle lighting

Our extensive amounts of research and our experience in agricultural lighting since 1974 have led to one very important conclusion. Lighting can make a major difference in cattle farming.

Good lighting makes life better for both the cows and the farmer.

Cattle well-being

Cattle, just like any other type of animals, has its own visible abilities. The light climate should be provided in such a way that their vision is optimized. By optimizing cattle vision, it’s well-being and performances will improve accordingly. Besides that, different aspects of light are able to directly influence cattle well-being and performances. Dairy cattle, dry cattle and calves all have their own needs with regards to lighting. Fulfil these and farm results will improve automatically.

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