About Jamesway Chick Master

Hatchery & Incubation System

A worry-free hatchery is a state of mind. And we’re committed to helping you get there.

Jamesway Incubator is committed to you and your hatchery. That means ensuring that your equipment is solid, that your HVAC is efficient and that your embryos are nestled in the perfect environment. Jamesway is the partner you need to produce quality chicks and enjoy complete confidence in your incubators and hatchers. With two product lines to meet your needs, we definitely have the right machines for your hatchery. Our machines are famous for reliability, efficiency, and longevity, and they will offer the best long-term return on your investment.

Jamesway knows that eggs are not hatched in a laboratory. A real hatchery is a fast-paced, chaotic world teeming with energy and commotion. We have a unique understanding of that world since our research and development team includes former hatchery managers and specialists who together offer over 320 years of hands-on experience.

Jamesway and Chick Master bring two solid reputations from the worldwide stage. We have commercial offices in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and China, and distribution centers in Malaysia, China, Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. Jamesway Incubator proudly provides equipment to the top international poultry companies. We have over 2,500 customers in over 150 countries.

 Website:  https://www.jamesway.com