About Mavitec Group

Rendering, Gasification & Green Energy Solutions

Mavitec Group was founded in 2002. Started as an exclusive distributor for The Dupps Company, Mavitec was specialized in spare parts, service and components for the rendering industry. A few years later Mavitec expanded its activities to engineering, designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing of individual components up to turnkey projects worldwide. All based on the commitment to taking by-products from one process and recycling them into valuable materials.

Our rendering technology turns animal by-products into high quality proteins, oils, fats and tallow, suitable for many applications, from pet food to cosmetics. The key of this technology is successfully applied into other fields. In 2008 Mavitec developed a shop return system and other solutions for the food waste and recycling industry.  Mavitec Green Energy was founded in 2009 and is specialized in recycling systems for the food industry and agricultural sector.

In 2015 Mavitec developed an innovative gasification system: a new way of solving manure issues. Our gasifier converts various kinds of manure, litter and other organic waste into green energy and Eco Char, a powerful soil improver. In 2018 Mavitec made its third division official under the name Mavitec Environmental. Mavitec is private owned and has over 200 employees: professional people with passion for the highest quality, techniques and services, ready to offer you the best rendering, green energy and gasification solutions.

Website: https://mavitec.com