About Portacool

Simply put, water is life. All life on earth depends on its access to a supply of usable water, and human life is no exception. We depend on it for drinking, watering crops, recreation, and cooling.

The best illustration of water’s cooling powers is a waterfall. Whenever you stand near a waterfall, you experience a refreshing, cool breeze. As the water flows down the waterfall at tremendous forces, it vaporizes, which releases energy into the air and drops the temperature. The corresponding breeze created by the speed of the moving water then delivers this cool, refreshing air to those standing nearby. This process is just one of the many ways we’re sustained by water on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, our supply of usable water is currently in a precarious situation. Climate change is altering the patterns of rainfall, snowfall and evaporation. These factors, along with an increasing demand for water use across the world, have created acute shortages in usable water that can become chronic if we don’t act soon.

We will not have usable water in the future if we do not safeguard it today.

At Kuul, we are committed to taking care of water because we know that water takes care of us. We are in this for the long term, and we know that if we want to keep providing cooling where people need it most, we must invest in our water supply. This is the driving force behind our desire to be the go-to company for sustainable evaporative technologies. In addition, we want to invest our resources in ensuring perpetual access to clean, usable water.

Website: www.portacoolevaporativecoolers.co.za