About Van Aarsen

Feed Mill Machinery

Without feed, animals can’t survive. That’s an ultimate reality. Van Aarsen is developer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art machines and complete feed mill and premix plant solutions for the production of animal feed and premixes worldwide. Among our customers are integrators and commercial producers of feed, as well as premix and concentrates manufacturers.

Our expertise improves the animal feed and premix production and enhances quality of the feed. Our practical philosophy is backed by our innovation drive to not only satisfy present demands but also anticipate future needs. Van Aarsen operates in a market that is defined by the ‚Agro feed’ chain, which is governed and regulated by aspects such as health, hygiene, safety and environment. We are indispensably linked to this chain and as such, our positioning is intimately connected to it.

The vital link to your feed chain is a clear, explicit statement about where our company stands in the market. It summarizes the essential nature of the role that we play in cooperating with you to help you achieve optimal solutions in the production of compound feed and premixes. Our company and its employees are a vital link in working with you in sharing our process know-how in setting quality standards in planning performance agreements and in developing innovation.

Website: www.aarsen.com